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19 Jun 16


I can't believe I'm finally writing these words. It feels like an age since we started this project. We've done so much, and there's still so much to do! But I'm happy to say that Random Encounter is finally open for prejoin!

At the moment there's only one badge set and a couple of link buttons, but we'll have more coming soon (and even more if people send donations~)!

Go ahead and get yourselves signed up! If you were an Alpha tester, once you've uploaded your starter pack, shoot us an email and we'll send back the bonus promised for your assistance! A thread will go up in the forums shortly as well for you to claim your pre-prejoin donation bonus rewards!

Once you're approved (remember to send us an email saying your starter pack is up), you can play the Weekly games - the next set of games will come out next week, so to tire you over until then, feel free to play the Weekly games twice!

(By the way, the puzzle and memory games are a little broken at the moment. They're still playable, but need some fixing. I'm looking into it! For the puzzle, you'll need to place your mouse usually to the right of the respective piece. Sorry for the trouble!)

That's it for today! I hope you enjoy what we have so far. :3

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