First update!

28 Jun 16


New members: Everyone! Welcome~

First of all, I'd like to say a massive thank you to everyone for your interest and activity so far. Varina and I are super happy and excited to see how busy everyone's been. For any slow responses on our part, I apologize - we were a little overwhelmed at first, to be honest! But I think we're working out a decent system now.

Speaking of systems, we've made a call for staff on the forums. Not many are needed right now, but the number will grow as we add in more games and services, so please look forward to it~

And speaking of forums, we added in our first forum activity! Ragtime Mouse's Weekly Quiz is simply a weekly question that you can answer and get cards. The Item Shoppe is up and running as well now too, at least for potions - the Job Center and job purchases from the store will be available starting hopefully next week.

We also added our first set of Triweekly games. Two of these involve a little bit of thinking. We hope you enjoy them!

Finally... new decks!

You may take a total of 4 card worth, at a maximum of 2 cards per deck.
Mysti may take an extra card from ffvi, cloud, gilgamesh for donating.
Jesheckah may take an extra card from chocobos for donating.
Remember to comment with what you take!

Lastly! I wrote this on the forums already, but I wanted to put it here too so people can see for certain. Once the website is up and running, we plan for updates to be on Saturdays. But with prejoin involving a LOT of set up, some stuff is taking a little longer than anticipated at the moment, so updates may come a little late. But, even if that is the case, the Weekly games may be played each week, on/after the Saturday for the week. I hope that makes sense to everyone!

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