second update!

26 Jul 16


Hello! Been a while, and it's actually my first time posting the update! First off, thank you all so much for being as understanding as you've been. Rinoa has had a lot on her plate, and it's been tough for her to keep up with everything, then a concussion pops up and just makes it worse. So send some good vibes her way! I've gotten crazy busy with work, and I'm still learning how to do a lot of this stuff, but I'll do my best, so sorry for the lack of regular updates.

Second, forum stuff! Feel like it's the apology update, but again, I realize how quiet the forums have been, and I'm sorry about the lack of responses over there. We're going to try to get in contact with the people that showed interest in being staff/mods soon once we figure out the best way to do things there, and hopefully that will smooth things out over there.

As far as games go, I hope you all have been playing your weekly games still! Even with no updates, remember you've been able to do that! Regardless, we've come pretty much full circle as to where we should be, so feel free to play the first set of tri-weekly games again, and we should hopefully have the next set up next week with (hopefully) the next update.

Lastly the big thing... new decks!

You may take a total of 4 card worth, at a maximum of 2 cards per deck.

Vanja may take an extra card from ffix for donating.
Ayay may take an extra card from rydia for donating.
Jesheckah may take an extra card from barret and fftactics for donating.
Remember to comment with what you take!

Again, just thank you all so much for sticking around and being patient with us. It's been a rough road, but I think this can be an amazing TCG! We just started it at a time that seemed good but hasn't worked out too too well, but we're going to keep pushing forward! See you all next week!

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