Update 3!

8 Aug 16


New Members:Dite!
Masteries:Story (Vanille), Mysti (WoL, Cecil), Nyla (Rinoa), Ash (Rinoa, Steiner, Squall, Odin)
Level up!:Level 2 (Ash, Nyla)

Hello! It's me updating again this week. Rinoa and I have both been super swamped still, but we're a little closer this time!! Hope you all have been doing well, now lets get down to it!

Forum posts have been updated and EVERYONE should have their rewards for donations/games/stamp cards at this point. If I somehow missed anyone or anything, please let me know! We're slowly getting things in order, and Mysti has been great in taking care of the Item Shoppe (seriously thank you so much Mysti!)

Games! Definitely keep playing your weekly games. Just as a reminder: Even if we don't have an update on time or anything, remember to play your weekly games! Our updates are supposed to come out on Saturdays (even though we haven't quite made it there yet...) so you can replay those every weekend! The triweekly set A games have been updated yet again while we get the other things in order, so feel free to replay those as well!

Finally, here are your new decks!

You may take a total of 4 card worth, at a maximum of 2 cards per deck.

Vanja may take an extra card from vayne for donating.
Ash may take an extra card from fran for donating.
Mysti may take an extra card from firion and exdeath for donating.

Remember to comment with what you take!

Thank you all again for sticking around and making it a great TCG! As I said, I think we're slowly getting things sorted out, and things should hopefully be a bit less hectic in the coming weeks. See you all next time!

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