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31 Aug 16


New Members:Myubi, Aki

Level up!:Level 2 (Kayori, Jacob, Angelrose), Level 3 (Ash)

Hello! Another crazy couple weeks, another late update (sorry!). Hope everyone has been doing well, though! I've got some cool ideas for a few themed updates going forward, so that's getting me a bit more pumped about working on decks and being more active in general, so hope you all are looking forward to it!

Games! AGAIN. Just a reminder: Even if we don't have an update on time or anything, remember to play your weekly games! Our updates are supposed to come out on Saturdays (even though we haven't quite made it there yet...) so you can replay those every weekend! The triweekly set A games have not been updated yet, but seeing as it's been a couple weeks, go ahead and play those again! (should be super easy for those who did Rin's Travel Agency and The MDA last week)

Finally, here are your new decks!

You may take a total of 4 card worth, at a maximum of 2 cards per deck.

Ayay may take an extra card from mateus for donating.
Mysti may take an extra card from zidane for donating.

Remember to comment with what you take!

Thank you all again for keeping at it while we sort things out (slowly). Things should slow down for me after this week, or at least they should, so hopefully I can manage be a bit more routine with things. Hope everyone has a lovely week!

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