Question time!

7 Sep 16


I finally return! Thank you all for your patience during this rocky time. No decks today or anything, as I have a pretty big question to ask, and I'd like everyone's feedback. :)

As everyone knows, times around here have been hectic and nowhere near as fluid as we would have liked. Unfortunately, we were in such a hurry to debut the game for everyone that we didn't think about the impact on our personal schedules - or how busy we were each going to be in the recent months. As a result, you guys have been playing an unfinished game - and while we're REALLY glad for everyone's huge amount of participation - we don't think it's totally fair to you guys. And so we've been thinking a lot and we've come up with a pretty good (I think!) idea.

We've taken on more help, from Mysti and Vanja (thank you guys!), to get a backlog of cards happening. This will let me focus properly on coding to get things finished up. We're estimating two weeks to get everything to how we would have liked it for prejoin launch - but that's just an estimate, I don't want to make promises I can't keep, not after how rocky this whole period has been! Either way, we'll keep you updated. :slightly_smiling_face:

When we're ready to launch everything properly, I'd like to press a giant reset button. People who have mastered decks will get bonus cards from those decks, donators will get bonuses from their decks, and people who have ranked up will receive bonus cards for that too. Similar to Overdrive's recent relaunch, really. If you've purchased anything from the Shoppe, you can keep those items, but Gil and EXP will be reset, so that we can start fresh - and so that with the Job system hitting, people won't instantly max, say, 3 jobs. XD I'd really like the game to be played the way we envisioned it - the way that, unfortunately, we haven't been able to present it on account of our own eagerness and busy schedules. In the meantime, you'd still be able to trade, rank up, master decks - the bonuses wouldn't be set until the actual moment of the reset - we'd tell you when.

Additionally, with everything set up beforehand and thus in a much better shape overall, updates would FINALLY move to a weekly format, and overall everything would just be a lot smoother.

I'd like to hear people's thoughts on this - I don't wanna press reset if people aren't happy with the idea. But at the same time I'd really love for everyone to experience the game the way we intended.

Once again, I'm sorry for the rocky prejoin period. Thank you for reading this long diatribe... please leave your thoughts in the comments!

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