Nyla's Stamp Cards
July 26, 2016 ------------
- Traded Jacob: my barret01, ffix01, ffix02, ffvii04, ffx03, freya04, squall16, tidus04, yuffie13, yuffie15, yuna07, ffix15, carbuncle14, garuda06, ifrit08, shiva12 for celes07, celes09, faris17, fftactics18, ffvii19, kain19, squall18, rydia12, rydia14, rydia15, shiva02, shiva05, carbuncle04, whitemages08, chocobos06 **[33/20] [11 over]

July 12, 2016 ------------
- Traded Jacob: my freya08, freya10, freya17, yuffie01, yuna01, bahamut12, carbuncle06 for ffvi01, ffvii15, rinoa10, moogles08, shiva06, kain01, squall02 [15/20]
- Traded Rinoa: my ultros12, mc-Nyla for ffvi11, mc-Rinoa [6/20]
- Traded Ash: my fang20, ixion02, mc-Nyla for shiva14, tifa04, mc-Ash [5/20]

July 06, 2016 ------------
- Traded Jesheckah: my yuffie08 for ffiv13 [2/20]
- Traded Jacob: my garuda09 for moogles06 **[21/20] [1 over]
- Traded Jacob: my ffvii03, ffvii06, tidus19, garuda03, garuda04, garuda08 for rinoa05, moogles02, moogles15, cecil04, kain06, carbuncle02 [19/20]

July 03, 2016 ------------
- Traded Story: my yshtola03, fang01, mc-Nyla for ffvi15, ffvi18, mc-Story [10/20]
- Traded Mysti: my kain06, kain11, mc-Nyla for rinoa09, rinoa06, mc-Mysti [8/20]
- Traded Vanja: my ultros13, mc-Nyla for rinoa02, mc-Vanja [6/20]

June 29, 2016 ------------
- Traded Jacob: my cloud01, cloud02, freya02, bahamut07, bahamut08 for cloud16, shantotto12, carbuncle14, chocobos15, rinoa17 **[25/20] [5 over]

June 28, 2016 ------------
- Traded Ash: my ixion15 for rinoa01, cecil06 [18/20]
- Traded Jesheckah: my yuna14, yuna16 for cecil14, kain11 [16/20]

June 27, 2016 ------------
- Traded Jacob: my ffx01, ffx04, ffx06, ffx19, squall02, squall04, squall11, squall19, squall20, tidus12, mc-Nyla for shiva07, shiva08, rinoa18, ffvi08, ffvi12, ffvi14, shantotto06, shantotto13, mc-Jacob [14/20]

June 26, 2016 ------------
- Traded Jacob: my ifrit05 for celes06, rinoa20 [4/20]

June 23, 2016 ------------
- Traded Ash: my fang02, steiner16 for moogles03 [2/20]

June 22, 2016 ------------
- Traded jesheckah: my ffx07, ffx12, yuffie10, yuffie16, yuffie18 for celes04, celes18, ffvi04, ffvi07, shantotto01 **[20/20]
- Traded Renako: my garuda14, ixion14, mc-Nyla for moogles11, celes16, ffvi02, mc-Renako [15/20]
- Traded Varina: my lightning09, lightning12, mc-Nyla for tifa08, tifa12, mc-Varina [11/20]
- Traded Jams: my freya18, garuda07 for ffvi06, carbuncle06 [9/20]

June 21, 2016 ------------
- Traded Ayay: my yuffie06, mc-Nyla for rinoa13, mc-Ayay [6/20]
- Traded Vanja: my ffx12 for tifa02 [5/20]
- Traded Jesheckah: my tidus13, yuffie07, yuffie06, mc-Nyla for rinoa16, shiva03, mc-Jesheckah [4/20]
- Traded Jams: my lightning17 for rinoa07 [1/20]
4 complete (tagged with **) and 11 over, if my math is correct!
[Image: fftactics08.png][Image: vanille08.png][Image: tidus15.png][Image: gil-100.png] + 50EXP 
Stamp card: fftactics08, vanille08, tidus15, 100gil, 50EXP

[Image: fftactics04.png][Image: ffvii20.png][Image: kain09.png][Image: gil-100.png] + 50EXP 
Stamp card: fftactics04, ffvii20, kain09, 100gil, 50EXP

[Image: ffvi08.png][Image: fftactics02.png][Image: yshtola08.png][Image: gil-100.png] + 50EXP 
Stamp card: ffvi08, fftactics02, yshtola08, 100gil, 50EXP

[Image: ffvii11.png][Image: celes12.png][Image: wol01.png][Image: gil-100.png] + 50EXP 
Stamp card: ffvii11, celes12, wol01, 100gil, 50EXP

So sorry for the delay <3 here are your 4!
[Image: badge-varina.png]

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