Error Report
Check now - it should be okay; I was trying to make a line break code work.


Yeah it seems okay now! Let me know if it's still broken for you - it was literally just those few minutes while I was setting that up.
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Yeah it works fine now. XD I thought something glitched. Thanks for the clarification!
Typo in the update:

the next set of games will come out next week, so to tire you over until then
Haha cheers! I won't be giving cards for typos, as they're super easy to make and aren't really errors as such. But once I am able to edit updates, I'll fix that. xD
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Not really an error, but on the decks page, listed by deck name, the game decks are listed inconsistently, where FFIV is in shortform and the others are not:

FFIV Final Fantasy 4 20/1
FINAL FANTASY VI Final Fantasy 6 20/1
FINAL FANTASY VII Final Fantasy 7 20/1
FINAL FANTASY X Final Fantasy 10 20/1
[Image: fftactics17.png][Image: fftactics18.png]
fftactics17 and fftactics18 both say 17

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