Quiz 1: Favorite Final Fantasy
I really love IV, VI, IX, and X... for all of them, there are characters which really stayed with me and the music is phenomenal.

For IV in particular, it's actually a combination of the original and the sequel. I see TAY get quite a bit of hate, but I liked the beginning sections in particular, where almost every character from the original got their own story and more depth.

VI has a really interesting world, and waking up in the second half is one of the most memorable moments in gaming for me.

IX feels like the most complete game of these, as every major character has some relation to the plot or themes in the plot, even if they seem silly at first glance, and it blends humor and seriousness wonderfully. I've seen it called the childish FF game, and such titles, but... the plot is essentially about dealing with death and existence itself.

X actually has a couple of plot points which don't quite make sense (particularly during the Bevelle segment), but it was my first FF and I love the overall themes of the plot and it has one of my favorite battle systems in the series, alongside the job systems of V and X-2.
My favorite Final Fantasy is Tactics. The story just really drew me in, especially all of the intrigue with the Church, and the main character becoming a heretic just for trying to uncover the truth and fight corruption. I loved the entire Zodiac Brave story, and how it all got turned inside out. I even really like the terrible translation, and will take "stop bracelet" over "stop breath" any day, I don't care who wants to fight about it. I also enjoy the battle system. It was frustrating sometimes, like when the enemy is 4 squares away, and you can only move 3, but you know if you go 3, he's just going to hit you in the next round, but if you don't move, another enemy unit will move instead... but the strategizing is so much fun.
I would have to say that Final Fantasy X and X-2 are my favorites, in terms FF serial games. It was the first final fantasy game that I played when I would borrow my brothers PS2. Also the fact that in Final Fantasy X-2 the protagonists were girls meant something to me. I mean back in the day, gaming was a boy-sport or just strictly for boys and now girls can play too and not be looked down upon. Final Fantasy X-2 was a beacon of light for me, when girls as game protagonists were scare. It also gave me assurance to like the things I like which are games lol
I love Final Fantasy X because of the smooth gameplay, story and characters. I still own the game to this day (just a different system) and I still enjoy it immensely <3
For me, it's a three-way tie with FFII, FFIV, and FFVIII.
I love FFII for the leveling system. I loved that you could mold the characters into what you want them to be.

Final Fantasy IV will always be my top favorite. It was the first FF game I completed. The characters had a lot of personality and were funny. The story had moments that tugged on my heart, such has Tellah's storyline. The fact it got a sequel made me happy as I was afraid that none of my favorite games would never get a sequel. I liked that I was able to play as my favorites once more without it being another port/remake.

Final Fantasy VIII is the one that holds a special place in my heart. It was my first Final Fantasy game. I remember playing a demo of the game that came in an issue of Playstation magazine. I still have this demo disk laying around somewhere. I was blown away with the graphics and the gameplay. Before this demo, the only other RPG I played was Pokemon. I was in fourth grade and begged my mom for the game. I got it as a gift for Christmas and I spent my whole Christmas break playing it. I stopped playing it because I got stuck on Disk 3 on the Ragnarok in space part. It took me another year before I returned to the game, but by then, I had caught the FF Fever and had all of the FF PSOne games that were out at the time. For the game itself, I loved the characters and their quirks. I enjoyed the Guardian system even though it was super broken. I spent three to four hours before entering the cave you get Ifrit so I could have the -ra spells early in the game. The OST is so moving and works so well with the game. This is the only game that I bought the OST of because I loved it so much. The story was amazing even with all of the plot holes.

This makes me want to play FFVIII now. XD (Goes off and dusts off the ol' PSOne.)
I have to go with VIII, my first and favorite <3 I had a huuuuge crush on squall right from the start, so that helps :p I loved the story, the characters, the world, the guardian system, the ending, everything! X is a close favorite because of all the games I've played, the characters in that are the most likeable (except tidus' voice drove me insane x_x)
Hands down, mine is Final Fantasy VII. It's the game that got me into Final Fantasy. I remember back when I was little, I came into my cousins room and started to watch as she played VII. She was at the Forgotten City and I remember things how pretty it looked (back then lol). She progressed and Aerith was killed and I was so heartbroken yet lost. Since I didn't really know what was going on but this poor girl was killed and I had immediately taken a shine to her. So after that I wanted to know the whole story. I needed to know why she had to die. So, I asked for the Playstation and game for Christmas and the rest is history. It was one of the first games I ever beat everything in.

Final Fantasy XII is a very close second. Balthier will forever be my game-husband.
Nejana:[Image: ultros08.png][Image: tifa19.png]

Kayori:[Image: faris18.png][Image: shantotto10.png]

Mysti: [Image: freya19.png][Image: ffx09.png][Image: shantotto15.png]

Nyla:[Image: cloud18.png][Image: yshtola02.png][Image: yuna17.png]

Renako:[Image: squall08.png][Image: ffvii02.png]

angelrose:[Image: ultros01.png]

Jesheckah:[Image: tidus14.png]

Ash:[Image: fang18.png][Image: ffvi12.png][Image: wol09.png]

Jams:[Image: lightning13.png][Image: lightning01.png][Image: yuffie17.png]

Vanja:[Image: kain04.png][Image: tidus15.png][Image: cloud01.png][Image: fftactics13.png]

Porom:[Image: tifa10.png][Image: steiner13.png][Image: tifa09.png]

dayanara:[Image: rinoa12.png][Image: steiner17.png][Image: wol20.png]

ayay:[Image: tifa15.png][Image: ffvi15.png][Image: vanille08.png][Image: yuna09.png]

Rae:[Image: ultros01.png][Image: faris08.png]

Kristi:[Image: ffvi04.png][Image: golbez03.png][Image: faris11.png]

I THINK I GOT EVERYONE. Sorry about the wait guys <3
[Image: badge-varina.png]
Final Fantasy VII. It was my very first Final Fantasy game. I loved all the characters and the storyline and at the time, the awesome graphics. Though it did take forever for me to beat because my dad would ground my brother and I from the Playstation so he could beat the game before one of us. Sadly, he did accomplish just that.

How in the world did I miss this thread? If I missed the cut off, no worries.

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