Quiz 1: Favorite Final Fantasy
Welcome to Ragtime Mouse's Weekly Quiz, where you'll be rewarded for answering questions about just about anything (but normally Final Fantasy)! Ragtime Mouse offers between 1-4 regular cards and 25 EXP for your answers. Note that he'll reward longer answers more handsomely!

This week's question:
Which is your favorite Final Fantasy game, and why?
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If I have to choose just one I'd say Final Fantasy XII. I really liked the different battle and level up systems that it had in comparison to the other games. I also enjoyed hunting for all the marks and fighting Omega Mark XII. I am really looking forward to the updated game coming out on PC.
The ones I was actually able to play the most were X-2, and XIII. Of those two, XIII was my favorite, I really liked the play style. The graphics were amazing too, it's really amazing how quality can improve in just a few years.
This is the point where I explode from indecision.

Honestly, it's a tie between IV, VI and IX. I'm very fond of the characters and their own personal journeys. I particularly adore the sidequest nature of VI World of Ruin, as it fleshes out the characters. Unevenly, granted, but when it was done well it was magnificent. IX's homage to the older games and clever use of Active Time Events really made the game for me. Plus all three had amazing soundtracks and lots of room to explore.
For me, it's a tie between VI, VII, and VIII. VI is dear to me because I don't know how many hours I logged into my III/VI cartridge when I was younger. I had II/IV and the original game as well, but I was always drawn back to VI. VII and VIII because of the story,the characters, and the sheer vastness of the games compared to their SNES/NES counterparts. They both also have countless hours logged into them (99:59 saves ftw).
I'm an XII fan. I didn't get into the series until late, my first main series game was X which I really enjoyed... except blitzball, I'm terrible at it. But before that I had played a ton of FF:Tactics Advance and loved the setting, and when I got my hands on XII it was the whole world of Ivalice with much more depth, I enjoyed it immensely.
I'm a ff14 fan i loved the first game and now the FF14:ARR with the added extras of being able to join everyone who loves FF around the world playing.
7 or tactics advance. 7 was the first I played, but tactics advance had a lot of play time. I used to play it on the way to work and it just has a lot of good memories
It rips me apart to have to choose. I love most of the FF titles pretty dearly.

But it's ultimately FFVIII. It was the first FF I ever played - I played the demo that came with Brave Fencer Musashi and was hooked from the beginning. I loved the story, the characters, the setting, the battle style, the Guardian Forces.. everything. It holds a tremendous sentimental value as well as being just. My favorite. Squall and Rinoa are probably my biggest FF OTP. I've played through it about 4-5 times now and it never gets old. I just love it.
Without a doubt Final Fantasy IX. Though it is not the very first final fantasy I played, it was the first game that engaged me so that I burst through the game and completed it in a week. Zidane is one of the greatest protagonists I've encountered in a game because he's rather diverse (and kind of reminds me of my husband now haha). He's can go from joking around and hitting on the princess (or lets be real, any female with a pulse) to being serious and trying to honestly help others, though sometimes uses his humor to dismantle serious situations and help depressed characters, like Vivi. I just worship Zidane for life haha. The rest of the cast is great too, Kuja is a fantastic antagonist, and the games was just pure fun to me. A lot of people seem to skip over the game because it was too linear, or they didn't like the art style, and I honestly pity those people from missing out on a classic.

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