Item Shoppe Guidelines
Welcome to the Item Shoppe! Here you can exchange your hard earned gil for items to help you on your collecting adventure. Mixes, testimonies, and dresspheres can all be found and bought here (provided you meet the requirements, of course).

  • Make your own post in this forum for your purchases. (Ex. Varina's purchases)
  • Potion and Hi-Potion limited to 3 purchases/uses per week (combined, not individually). These do not have to be used immediately, but you must mention it in your log when you do.
  • You don't have to use your mixes for double freebies/extra pulls immediately, but you must mention in updates when you use them. They may only be applied to updates that occur after your purchase.
  • Mixes that last for one month are for one month from your start date, and activate on purchase.

KEEP IN MIND: Since we are still in prejoin, not all of these will be too useful right away, and costs are also subject to change as we get a better idea of how slowly/quickly people earn Gil.

[Image: potion.png] Potion - One choice regular card, single use, 200g
[Image: hipotion.png]Hi-Potion - One choice special card, single use, 400g
[Image: megapotion.png]Mega-Potion - Skip a monthly set of games, one month duration, 1000g
[Image: ether.png]Ether - One choice regular card per donation/donation type, one month, 1000g
[Image: hiether.png]Hi-Ether - One extra card from forum game rewards, one month, 600g
[Image: megaether.png]Mega-Ether - Double update and forum freebies, single use, 2000g
[Image: elixir.png]Elixir - 2 additional deck release pulls (rules still apply), one month, 1500g
[Image: hielixir.png]Hi-Elixir - Double deck release pulls (rules still apply), single use, 800g
[Image: badge-varina.png]
Sorry, for clarification:

1. For single-use potions like the potion and hi-potion, are people allowed to store them or do they have to use them immediately? (that is, can I buy 3 potions every week, keep them and then use, say, 7 at one go?)
2. For the monthly potions like the ether - does that mean that they have to be used in the one month's time when you say 'activated', or do they apply to all dates in between?

E.g. I buy an ether now (June 28) and make my donations. Does it then get used up, or would any July donations I make prior to July 28 also be affected by the ether? (I assume that either way if I purchase it today I would have to use it by July 28.)

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