Prejoin... over!

7 Sep 16


First of all... disregard the last post! After talking to a few people, I realized that a full reset is a little extreme, given my current concerns. Instead, we're doing something quite simple!

1. Starting from NOW, Prejoin is over. Members who join after this post will not be approved until game launch, which is in approximately two weeks.

2. Prejoin players may continue to play as normal for the next two weeks. Games will not be updated, but feel free to play both sets weekly. Please do not play any new games that are added, though - these will be for use after launch! Similarly, no new decks will be released during this time.

3. Any EXP earned can be traded in for Gil at a new thread in the Item Shoppe. This EXP will NOT be usable once we launch, so please make sure to trade it in!

4. After the approximately two weeks, we'll launch fully and properly, with everything ready to go! Players will keep all their progress to date, EXCEPT for EXP. This is to make sure that the Job system works as intended.

5. From launch, updates will occur on Saturdays!

I hope this works for everyone. ^^ Please continue to leave feedback in this post or the previous one. Once again, my most sincere apologies for the mess that prejoin has been - I'm looking forward to a solid opening and an awesome TCG from here on out!

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